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At The Beginning...



...There was a woman. A woman who had seen so much strife, so much destruction and heartache that she shut herself off from the world. Her home was the valley, and she made it the epitome of serenity itself. Completely surrounded by the nearby mountain chain, it remained secluded and sheltered from the outside world. Originally a barren place, she made it beautiful, planting flowering seedlings and encouraging the land to grow again, thus healing the land she called home, and herself. In time (for time was relative in a place that had become as magical as this) the seedlings turned to towering trees, ever blooming with multi-hued flowers. The grass, once brown and dead with neglect, was now stream fed and lush. The valley now held its own sort of magic. As time flowed on, so again changed the landscape- small streams came at first, dropping into the valley to create small gurgling waterfalls at its base, and pooling to form natural ponds and river beds. The transformation was complete, but still, something was missing.  


The woman had long since established her own abode, a small quaint cottage near the river's edge. Built of various materials (whatever the valley had to offer) it made an odd, yet impressive sight. Yet, despite the valley's miraculous awakening, the woman was not yet entirely content. She had come to the realization that no matter how much heartache life might have to offer, life itself was meaningless unless you could share it with another. As if "sensing" the Lady's distress, the valley responded, calling nature to it. And thus they came- the emotionally wounded, the physically scarred and the lonesome. Sensing the valley's healing capabilities, they came, and in turn, met the Lady.


Serian Count: 30


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